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Divorce, custody matters, domestic violence disputes, and other areas of family law can be deeply confusing for those caught in the middle of them, but our attorneys are here to help. We invite you to peruse the following articles for insights on issues you may be facing and to contact our office for answers to all of your family law questions.

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Best interests of the child concept. beautiful happy boy with painted hands not worried about the best interests of the child

What are the Best Interests of the Child?

Child custody adds an additional layer of complexity and stress to a family law proceeding.  California courts encourage parents to come up with a custody and visitation schedule that works…

Custody October 16, 2020
Pet custody concept. Happy pet dog puppy running in the grass in summer.

Who Gets the Pet in a Divorce?

When most people think about the major issues negotiated in a California divorce, they consider matters of spousal support, property division, child custody and child support. What about when a…

Custody October 12, 2020

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