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Divorce, custody matters, domestic violence disputes, and other areas of family law can be deeply confusing for those caught in the middle of them, but our attorneys are here to help. We invite you to peruse the following articles for insights on issues you may be facing and to contact our office for answers to all of your family law questions.

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Couple getting a divorce standing back to back having a discussion about their property distribution

Property Distribution in a California Divorce

An important issue in a California divorce is the distribution of property between spouses. However, there are misconceptions about how property is characterized and divided between a couple during the…

Divorce July 31, 2020
One hundred dollar bill in a gold wedding ring

Spousal Support in California

One of the most significant issues that is negotiated or litigated in any California divorce is the payment of spousal support, or alimony, from one spouse to the other. California…

Divorce July 29, 2020
two wedding rings on top of a sheet with information about divorce

High Conflict Divorce and Private Mediation

Navigating the divorce process in California is never easy, but when the divorce is high conflict between you and your spouse the situation can be even more stressful, emotional, and…

Divorce February 7, 2020

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