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Child Custody, Visitation & Move-Away

For most parents, their ongoing relationship with their children is a primary concern, and the attorneys of Simpson Law Group work to honor and foster parent-child relationships through reaching fair custody and visitation arrangements. Whether you are seeking sole custody, shared custody, or visitation - or responding to another parent’s custody action - we will rely on our extensive experience in working towards your best outcome.

Child Custody & Visitation

Determination of custody and visitation of minor children is often complicated and fraught with emotion for parents going through divorce. The Simpson Law Group lawyers strive to resolve custody disputes by crafting agreements that are tailored to the needs of the particular family. California law works to resolve custody disputes based upon the best interest of the child. This includes a consideration of the child’s health and welfare, the history of contact between the parents and children, the ability and willingness of one parent to have an ongoing relationship with the other parent, the parents’ parenting skills and their mental and health histories, the child’s special needs, the child’s preference if old enough, and any evidence of child abuse or neglect. California law encourages both parents to continue to have frequent and continuing contact with their children.

Simpson Law Group attorneys are highly experienced in negotiating or litigating custody settlements and in working with custody mediators, evaluators, and mental health professionals to achieve the right custody plan for the client’s family. Some parents work best with maximum flexibility. Others do better with a detailed schedule that lays out exactly when custody exchanges will occur. Simpson Law Group lawyers recognize different parenting styles and different needs, and customize custody settlements to reflect each client’s unique circumstances and goals.

Not every custody dispute can be resolved by agreement. Sometimes, the only solution is to have a judge resolve custody and visitation disputes. When it is necessary to turn to the courts, Simpson Law Group attorneys have the skill and experience to make sure that clients are well prepared and well represented. The firm regularly works with evaluators and mental health professionals to ensure that clients’ cases are presented in a way that maximizes the likelihood of favorable results.

Move-Away Cases

After a divorce has been finalized and the custody orders have been established, there are times when one of the parents may wish to move away. While it is certainly within the parent’s rights to relocate, he or she does not automatically have the right to take along the children.

The courts do not take lightly decisions that could impact either parent’s access to his or her children, and a compelling argument needs to be made to show that moving away would be in the child’s best interests. These are complex cases that require the attention of a qualified California child custody attorney. At Simpson Law Group, we represent clients on both sides of child relocation cases.

Among the issues that need to be addressed in move-away cases are the following:

  • Is the custodial parent moving in an effort to interfere with the noncustodial parent’s access to the children?
  • What are the reasons for the proposed move?
  • How far away is the custodial parent intending to move?
  • Would the proposed move be detrimental to the children?
  • Would the proposed move provide for the stability and continuity the children need?
  • What are the ages of the children, and what kind of relationships do they have with each parent?
  • What is the nature of the relationship between the parents?
  • Are the children mature enough that they should express what their wishes are in the matter?
  • What is the current custody arrangement and how has it been working since the initial order was established?

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