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How to Enforce Spousal Support Orders

Uncategorized - September 9, 2021

How to Enforce Spousal Support Orders

Spousal support is often ordered during and after a California divorce in order to help the spouse with the lower income maintain their standard of living and provide support while they learn to become financially independent. However, not all spouses are willing to pay alimony, which can leave those who rely on spousal support in dire financial straits.

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Contempt of Court Petition

The first option for enforcing spousal support in Southern California is through the use of contempt of court petition. An attorney can file a petition that requires the spouse paying support to appear in court and explain why payments are not being made. If the judge finds that the spouse is willfully refusing to pay alimony, they can be held in contempt of court that can include jail time and fines that continuously accrue until the support in arrears is paid.

Income Withholding Order

The next option for spousal support enforcement is an income withholding order, also known as a wage garnishment order. This type of order is given to the employer of the spouse paying support, which requires the employer to withhold a certain percentage of each paycheck and send it directly to the spouse in need of support. An income withholding order can apply to many different types of wages, including a salary, commissions, bonuses, wages, Social Security income, workers’ compensation benefits, veterans’ benefits, and more.

Liens and Sales

Another option to enforce spousal support is to place liens on the property of the spouse who owes support. A lien can be placed on the real and personal property of a spouse, and the lien must be paid off first before the seller can collect any profits from the sale. Putting real estate and personal property up in a sheriff’s sale is also an option to collect spousal support in arrears. The profits from the sale are given directly to the spouse who is owed support to pay off any amounts in arrears.

Other Enforcement Options

Finally, the court can impose other enforcement options in order to compel a spouse to pay alimony. Suspending professional licenses, a driver’s license, and recreational licenses are an option. Credit score companies can also be informed of spousal support in arrears, which can detrimentally affect the credit score of the spouse that is supposed to be paying support. To learn more about the options for collecting spousal support in California, talk to an experienced family law attorney in our office today.

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